My Story

I have never really considered myself an “artist.” To me, an artist was a person who worked in a specific media and had a specific style. Always comparing myself to others, I was — and still am — amazed by artists. “I have yet to find my favorite media, and my style seems to be all over the place. I love to draw in pastels, graphite and charcoal. I love hand lettering and calligraphy. How could I possibly be an artist?”

That mindset has since changed with my discovery of junk journals. Watching other junk journaling creatives, inspired me to throw out my definition of “what an artist is,” and find a way to express myself again through mixed media. This allows me to use any media that I choose to explore at any given time. Junk journals has also given me a way to use the vintage items I so dearly love in a way I never would have thought of. 

The time I spend creating and writing in these little usable works of art is like being in my own world. Nothing seems to get in the way of these magical moments where I can jot down a thought, emotion or put a little glimpse of my “life right now” inside these little books. Adding a small photo, a scrap of fabric from one of my kids now-too-small shirts, writing about an interaction with a stranger at the store… all these things may not be “important” as a wedding or birth of a child would be, but they are moments that created an emotion, and when documented, I can return to those moments — and that feeling — again and again. I love it.

Heather Biederman — Artist Bio

Works in multi-media including lettering, collage and textile art. Hunts for vintage papers, textures, letters, laces, embroidery, postcards, books and fabric.

“I create handmade journals and other gift items that are heartfelt and purposeful. I have always tried to be thoughtful of the receiver when creating a gift for someone. My journals are constructed using a collection of new and vintage papers, new and vintage fabrics, found items and ephemera. I combine hand- and machine-stitching for book binding and page decoration. Throughout each are custom hand-lettering and artwork. I’d like my journals to be unique in appearance, soothing to page through, functional and inspiring to use.

“My goal is to inspire joy and encouragement in all I do.”